Who are you?

We are just a group of people that have become positively addicted to Escape Rooms. We attempted escaping our first Escape Room in June of 2016 and have since done several every month.


Do You Own An Escape Room?

At this time no. As we do more of them and become more in love with the industry the pipe dream has to eventually open a location of our own. However, for the time being we are enjoying seeing the creativity of a bunch of great companies and telling others of our experiences.


Where are you located? 

Our group is located in Northern New Jersey about a 45 minute drive from NYC.


Will you come review our room?

Well it depends. If you are local (within a 2 hour drive) then most definitely as long as we have enough time to schedule the expedition (as great as our baby does in escape rooms he doesn’t do well yet with driving so far away). Anything more than that it will probably only be if we are in the area already. However that doesn’t mean that we can’t be persuaded to come visit your area!


What can we expect when you visit?

Great question! You can see what you can expect when we visit your room here!